Paragon Pioneers 2 Wiki


Name Description Notes
Armageddon Deals 5 damage to ALL units at the start of each combat round.
Shielded Receives only a third of the damage from ranged units.
Bulletproof Takes no damage from ranged attacks. Stops ranged piercing attacks.
Burnout After the battle, 10% of this unit will resign from service. 10% of drummer survivors
Chaotic Spellcasting Has a 50% chance of dealing 3 damage to all enemy unit groups at the start of each battle round. This damage can't be reduced by other effects.
Charge Deals damage to all unit groups. Defender units stop the charge.
Confusion All enemy units only attack once in the last strike phase.
Defender Prevents melee attacks with flanking from targeting units behind this unit.
Double Strike Attacks in the first strike phase before normal units and attacks a second time in the last strike phase after normal units.
Encouraging Reduces the battle duration by 1 minute.
Explosive Kills its attacker if defeated by a melee unit.
First Strike Attacks in the first strike phase before normal units.
Flanking Ignores the usual attacking order, instead attacking the weakest opponents first. Ranged does not protect against Flanking.
Flying Is ignored by flanking and is not hit by charge or piercing attacks when behind the main target.
Last Strike Attacks in the last strike phase after normal units.
Lightning Bolt Kill all enemy units of the type with the highest total health at the start of each battle round.
Piercing Deals damage to all unit groups. Shielded units reduce ranged damage for units behind them, too. The damage is not split, but applied to all enemies. The more unit groups, the more damage in total.
Pillage Increases the amount of looted goods by 1%.
Quicksilver Receives only 2 damage from units without splash.
Ranged Will only be attacked when there are no more melee units alive.
Revive At the start of each battle round, resurrect half of all fallen allies and at the end of combat, resurrect all fallen allies.
Stabilization Has a 50% chance of saving another dying unit and carrying it off the battlefield. However, in doing so, she becomes highly vulnerable and in the event of failure, she dies.
Spiky Melee units receive 5 damage whenever hitting this unit. This damage is dealt as a whole per unit type. 100 Cavalry against 1 Pikeman would lead to 5 killed cavalry. 8 Footsoldiers hitting Pikemen, would kill one footsoldier from Spiky instead of having each of them 5 damage.
Stalwart Reduces all received damage by 45 (min. 2). The reduction is doubled for critical strikes.
Summon At the start of each battle round, summon 100 orklings and 400 orcslings. They leave the camp after the battle.
Supporter Doesn't attack and doesn't count towards the assault troop limit, but towards the supporter limit.
Trample Assigns excess damage to the next following units. e.g., a unit doing 100 trample damage to units with 40 health will kill two and do 20 damage to the third.
Triple Strike Attacks at each attack phase and therefore striking three times each round.


A battle consists of round after round of combat until at least one side has no units remaining. Each round consists of three phases:

  1. First strike - Units with First Strike, Double Strike or Triple Strike deal damage.
  2. Normal strike - Units without First Strike, Double Strike, or Last Strike deal damage.
  3. Last strike - Units with Last Strike, Double Strike or Triple Strike deal damage.
Rounds in Table Form
Attribute / Phase First Strike Normal Strike Last Strike
Triple Strike x x x
First Strike x
Double Strike x x
Normal x
Last Strike x

All units that attack during a phase attack at the same time. If a unit dies during a phase, it does not get to deal damage in later phases.

Battle Duration[]

Each battle takes (total unit tiers) * lerp(18, 28, total unit tiers / 1000) seconds, up to a maximum of 12 hours.

Units from Pioneers are tier 1/2, Colonist are tier 2, Townsmen and Farmers are tier 3 (except Slingers), Merchants and Workers tier 4, Paragons tier 5. The bosses are tiers 200, 300, 400, and 600. Supporters are tier 0.

For example, 5 militia and 3 longbows have 5*1 + 3*2 = 11 total tiers. If they were to fight the weakest boss (tier 100), they have a total unit tier of 5*1 + 3*2 + 100=111 and the battle would take 111*19.11=2121 seconds (35m21s).


If all enemy units are dead, then the player wins the battle and can conquer the camp, even if all of the player's units are also dead. If the player loses, any enemy units they killed remain dead. Any enemy units that were injured but not killed are fully healed.


When in doubt, use the battle preview or numbers from the difficulty menu or a battle calculator.