Paragon Pioneers 2 Wiki

Discovery Time[]

The base island discovery time is the time a ship would take to that island normally. Each cartography point you spend on that island increases its discovery time by 10 minutes independently by the used ship. The first part can be reduced by ship speed and ship speed research, the second part only by discovery speed research. If multiple ships are sent to a discovery, the slower ship determines the duration.

Island Size[]

On conquering an island completely you can get the favor ResourceFavor of the Paragons by handing the island over. Otherwise you only get Coins ResourceCoin.

The favor formula is Max(0, (Size - 26) * 16) + Pow(2, (Min(Size, 26) - 10) / 2 - 1), leading to doubling the favor reward each next size until size 26, then only give 32 more favor each bigger size.